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Top 10 Sheet Mask Brands In India

If you’re looking for the Sheet Mask then Handsomedevil comes under one of the best brands in India. Sheet Mask helps to infuse new life into tired skin, evening out skin tone, and brightening a dull complexion. To restore the radiance and glow of your skin, use a brightening sheet mask 2-3 times a week. They are intensely hydrating, easy, convenient to apply, and relaxing to your skin. Sheet masks are a great complement to an already good, solid basic skin care routine. We have compiled the best brands for Sheet Mask that are available online in India at a competitive price range.

Best Sheet Mask Brands In India includes-

1- Face Sheet Exfoliate Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask (Price- Rs. 325)

This sheet mask is the best in class mask that 100% naturally fermented coconut jelly. It helps to remove dead skin cells without clogging the pores. Makes your skin look brighter, and improves the effectiveness of topical skin care products by enhancing absorption. It dissolves, and removes dead skin cells to reactivate cells and fight against damaged skin.

2- Hyaluronic Acid Coffee Sheet Mask for Hydration Burst (Price- Rs. 47)

This offers up to 24 hours of hydration, and locks moisture in the skin. This has coffee, hyaluronic acid blend that leaves you with skin that looks fresh, healthy, and glowing. It holds, and increases the water content in the skin to make it plump after every use.

3- Lakme Blush, and Glow Sheet Mask (Price-Rs. 599)

This offers a facing dull, dry, patchy skin that is yearning for some hydration, and infused with the goodness of your favorite fruits. The light, breathable fabric fits your face perfectly and smells so delicious and the best way to pamper your skin, and make it look fresh, soft, and supple.

4- Just Herbs Brighten Skin Sheet Mask (Price-Rs. 399)

This sheet mask comes with vitamin C, and Liquorice Root. It is best for the dark spots, acne scars, and fine lines. This helps to provide a boost of antioxidants, making your skin tighter, healthier, and more radiant than ever.

5- Vitamin C Serum Sheet Mask (Price-Rs. 319)

This brings brighter, toned, and glowing skin with the vitamins, and ingredients. It lightens pigmentation, tones the skin, and diminishes dark spots, and visible pores for bright, and glowing skin. The ultra-hydrating sheet mask gets absorbed into the skin layers, and nourishes the skin deeply, thereby reducing fine lines, and wrinkles.

6- Ayouthveda Face Serum Sheet (Price- Rs.420)

This face sheet mask comes with the perfect blend of luxurious & natural polishing ingredients, exclusively crafted to uncover radiant & healthy-looking skin.

7- Rice & Sake Sleep Mask With Vitamin C (Price-Rs. 1099)

This sheet mask has rice extracts, and sake that absorb instantly into the skin, and hydrate the skin, and is suitable for all types.

8- O3+ Facialist Radiant Face Sheet Mask (Price-Rs. 155)

This sheet mask is deeply brightening, and radiance boosting cellulose mask supercharged with radiant complex to reduce uneven skin tone. It helps to oxygenate the skin and tightens pores or gives the skin a dewy, fresh glow.

9- Mcaffeine Vitamin C Hyaluronic Acid & Coconut Water Face Sheet Masks (Price-Rs. 299)

This face mask has hyaluronic acid to boost hydration, and vitamin C to reduce the intensity of dark spots and pigmentation. The combo’s coconut water helps to combat dryness while lending intense moisturization.

10- Simply Nam Biocellulose 3 Layer Sheet Mask

This sheet mask has 3 layers to provide instant hydration, glow, and rejuvenate dull, and dry skin. It is infused with nutrients that help to soothe, and treat damaged skin. This biodegradable mask is safe for the environment.

Get the best under Sheet Mask that blends with every skin tone from the Handsome Devil. You can visit all other products on the official website of HandsomeDevil.

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